Suspected Ecstasy Dealers Busted in Tyler

Two men are behind bars following an ecstasy bust in South Tyler Monday afternoon.

Smith County authorities say they discovered 91 ecstasy pills, two firearms, marijuana, drug paraphernalia and an array of controlled medications inside a residence on Holly Tree Drive. They describe it as the largest "ecstasy bust" in the past two years.

"Typically, the type of people that deal these designer drugs are a tight-knit group," says Lt. Steve Chaney with the Smith County Sheriff's Department. "In this type of deal, it takes the right break to get into the group and make undercover buys."

With their investigation ongoing, authorities are not releasing the suspects' names; however, they do say both men are in their early twenties. Smith County is cross checking reports to if the suspects stole their supply of pharmaceutical medications, which included drugs like Xanex, hydrocodene and alprazolam.

"We're looking at the possibility the pills are connected to pharmacy burglaries or some type of medical facility," says Lt.Chaney.

Because several of the drugs were neatly packaged for distribution, authorities suspect the two men were more than drug users.

"We're not sure what part of the group they are," says Chaney. "But we do know they are suppliers and sell narcotics."

If convicted on possession of a controlled substance charges, the two men could face 2 to 20 years in jail.