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Beloved Kleinpeter calf gets a name

ST. HELENA, LA (WAFB) - Remember the calf born with the Kleinpeter heart on her forehead? Her story hit TV stations nationwide and went global on the internet. Response crashed the Kleinpeter computer. Jeff Kleinpeter and his sister, Sue Anne Cox, were swamped with email entries to their "Name the Calf" contest.

Thumbing through just one of the stacks of emails, Jeff says, "Over 3,000 suggestions! I never dreamed that it would be that big of a deal, and it touched so many hearts. It's unbelievable!'

With the entries came messages.

"And the comments were extremely touching" says Jeff. Then he reads one from an out-of-state entry: "I would ask you to donate this lovely ice cream to any autistic society you have there for children with special needs."

Entries came from across the USA, plus Canada, Japan, Africa and more. "And the nationalities and the language!" exclaimed Jeff'. "It was really touching." He reads two more suggested names: "Phoebe, Greek name meaning Shining One...Dragster, Romanian for love."

Eliminating duplications, Jeff and Sue Anne wound up with 1,500 names. Picking a winner was a challenge.

Kleinpeter: "We ended up settling on one."

Allen: "And?"

Kleinpeter: "And the name is Sweetie Pie!"

And now the calf loved around the world has both a heart and a name.

So who won the contest? One winning entry came from 19 kids, Estimate Muezzin's pre-K class at Zachary's Northwest Elementary. The kids can look for the Kleinpeter truck--loaded with ice cream--within the next few days. There were also 14 other individual winners from around the world. Each will receive a half-gallon of Kleinpeter Sweet Potato Pie ice cream.

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