East Texas Teens Have Mixed Feelings About War

It's on TV. It's on the Internet and it's in the newspaper. Information on the war with Iraq is everywhere you turn. It's even filtering into our children's classrooms.

Hogg Middle School 8th grader Tara Porr says, "You see it. You see the bombs going off, and the exchange fire. And it's scary to see people you know over there and they could get killed."

The images are frightening. But it is a slice of reality.

Claire Kline says: "Usually I avoid watching it, because it's like September 11th all over again. It's everywhere."

For these kids -- 8th grade -- it's just something else always on their minds.

Kimberly Brookins says, "My cousin is over there and my friend's brother is over there. And I'm scared because I haven't heard from him in a while."

Andrea Rutan says, "It makes me feel uncomfortable that there are people who are risking their lives, but it's for a better cause."

"Bush couldn't help it," Mitchell Hill says. "He had to draw a line somewhere. Saddam Hussein is getting too powerful."

The opinion is not unanimous here, that war is right-- right now. Alice Post says we have too much to do at home.

"The national debt... and the states are going into debt. And a lot of programs are being cut that I feel we need," she says.

"I've been told about war happening, and seen it in action films, and it seems like it can never happen to people like us. But it does," Mitchell replies.

"I think we need to get him, he's causing so much trouble," says Kimberly.

Everyone has confidence that the war will end soon, and that liberty will prevail.

"People died for freedom a long time ago, and should we just give it up now and forget about it and let it go?" asks Tara.

Reported by Morgan Palmer