Group Says Berman's Bill Bad for Families

A consumer rights watchdog group has its sights set on East Texas. Members of the group took their message to the streets of Tyler Tuesday.

Texas Watch says legislation being debated in Austin will protect companies like Firestone, Ford, Enron, and Authur Anderson. The bill, HB-4 would put a cap on non-economic damages for product liability and medical malpractice law suits. Texas Watch director, Dan Lambe claims HB-4 unfairly benefits big companies and special interests.

"It's about restricting people's access to their legal rights. It's about protecting some of the wealthiest special interests in the state. This bill does nothing to stop frivolous law suits. It does nothing to help Texas families."

Tyler's State Representative, Leo Berman is a Co-Author of the bill. In a statement released Tuesday, Berman said, "The tort system is broken and badly in need of repair. Lawyers have irresponsibly sued doctors in frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits, to the extent that doctors are abandoning years of training and leaving the profession."

Berman believes HB-4 will put a stop to many of those frivolous lawsuits.