Baby Wipes to be Sandstorm Shield

A little help for troops caught in sandstorms is on the way, thanks to some East Texas children on the home front.

Moore Middle School in Tyler held a Baby Wipe Drive Tuesday morning. The wipes will help keep the troops clean in the swirling sand. They'll be given to Ft. Hood soldiers heading to the gulf.

Even though the students only had one day's notice, they still rounded up several thousand baby wipes. Some of the kids, like 6th grader, Chris Templeton put a personal touch on their baby wipe baggies. "We wrote a few Bible verses, and we told them like, we wanted to come home soon and stuff and come home safe."

Sixth grade teacher Martha Dunlap started the Baby Wipe Drive. Her son is a medic at Ft. Hood scheduled to ship out to Kuwait later this week. Tuesday afternoon, Dunlap drove to Ft. Hood to drop off the load of wipes.