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Churches not taking chances

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - Churches that have not been affected say they are not taking any chances.

At Highland Baptist Church in Kilgore, parishioners and passersby can expect increased security. This includes additional lights and security cameras. We have found that some churches are even hiring security companies to keep their property safe.

One company, Noble Security has added three churches to its roster.

"The alarm systems are good, the TVs are good, but if they, for whatever reason, happen to be burned up in a fire then they're not really going to do that much good," said Gene Noble, with Noble Security. "[The] best thing [is to] have someone on site.

"These fires have brought that to our mind and made it more of a priority perhaps than it's been in the pass," said Pastor Riley Pippen, with Highland Park Baptist.

One East Texas sheriff is also being proactive in response to the church fires. Rusk County Sheriff Danny Pirtle is calling on all Rusk County church leaders to be at a special church arson alert meeting. The meeting will be at nine o'clock Thursday morning, at the Rusk County Sheriff's Office.

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