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Commissioner's son accused of planting hidden video cameras

By Courtney Lane - bio | email
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - We are learning more about a Smith County commissioner's son who is under investigation, accused of illegally video taping a female.

Lance Phillips, the son of Precinct 3 Commissioner Terry Phillips, lived at the home with the young woman who neighbors say was his girlfriend. Tyler police say she found a hidden video camera in her bedroom, along with other cameras and recording devices throughout the house.

"There's no telling what he did," said Shakitha McDuff.

Lance Phillips has a record including reckless driving, theft, and public intoxication. On this investigation, the Phillips family released this statement: "The story surrounding our son is heart-breaking. It's a nightmare for parents like us who have tried to bring up our children right. We've always been a faithful church-going family, therefore, it is with heavy and grieving hearts that we face this. We love our son and always will. He has been accused of breaking the law. We are not attempting to make excuses for him. He will have to go through the justice process and if our son is guilty, he will face the consequences."

Police are not commenting on specifics but Officer Don Martin did clarify the law when it comes to video taping in your home.

"If I set up a camera in my residence and I told you I was going to be filming you...and both parties were on board with it then there's no law violation there," explained Martin. "Where the violation is if you're unaware I'm taping you...and it was for me gratifying myself then I've broken the law."

While no one is saying what exactly was being filmed there it has raised concern.

"I was scared the day I came home," said McDuff. "I would not go outside at night time by myself...I think he should be arrested, I mean, 'cause that's crazy."

Tyler police say illegal video taping is a state jail felony carrying up to two years in jail or up to a $10,000 fine.

Again, no arrests have been made in this case but we will keep you updated.

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