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East Texans weigh in on Tebow Super Bowl ad

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It was a big reveal Sunday night for Super Bowl ads as millions were watching. One of the most highly anticipated and talked-about ads featured University of Florida quarterback, Tim Tebow and his mom, who ignored doctors' advice to have an abortion.

East Texas women weighed in on the ad, some saying the Pro-Life message wasn't straight forward enough.

In a 30 second ad, sponsored by the conservative group, Focus On the Family, Pam Tebow shares the story of her tough pregnancy and the choice she made to keep her son.

"Do you still worry about me mom?" asks Tim Tebow in the ad.

"Well ya, you aren't nearly as tough as I am," says his mom.

"It was supposed to be a very Pro-Life commercial," said Susy Mendolia.

Sparking controversy before it aired, the commercial directed viewers to the Focus On the Family website. Pro-Life advocates like Mendolia said the anti-abortion message was not clear.

"I think they probably toned down the commercial from what it may have originally been planned to air because of all the controversy," said Mendolia.

Toned down or not, the consensus among women we talked to was similar.

"I thought it was great that there was actually something that was going to be on national TV that was a Pro-Life message," said Sarah Grey.

"That's so many people that watch that channel and that football game, and I think that really gets the point across," said Laken Seegers.

But, it was a point that had pro-choice advocates talking back. Planned Parenthood came out with a "counter-commercial".

"Her situation again is a very compelling story but it's not one that can be applied to every woman," said Diane Quest, with Planned Parenthood Federation of America. "Every woman should be able to make her own decision based on her situation and what's best for her and her family."

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