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A Better East Texas: Giant LED Signs

We have all seen news stories dealing with distracted drivers. Everything from new laws regulating cell phone use, texting while driving, and, unfortunately, accidents caused by distracted drivers make it to the air waves weekly. Perhaps you saw the story recently about a local business that hires people to stand outside their business dressed as the Statue of Liberty with the intention of bringing customers into the business. The costumed employee would stand by the street with balloons and wave to drivers. The City Of Tyler, in accordance with their outdoor sign laws forced the business to stop the display. But eventually, an agreement was reached that will allow the wavers to return for a couple of months. But again, back to distracted drivers. It seems contradictory to the spirit of the law that the City of Tyler would prohibit a person waving to passers -by but will allow monstrous LED billboards to slowly invade the roadways around the city. I saw one the other day that was as big as a manufactured home being hung on very busy stretch of highway 69.These signs are impressive to view with their bright electronic displays, but these signs are inescapable distractions to every driver in their path. The City of Tyler and every city in East Texas needs to review their outdoor sign ordinances and citizens need to have input. We have enough distractions as it is and addressing these technological advances will make this a Better East Texas.

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