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One Family's Love

By Coleman Swierc

RUSK, TEXAS (KLTV) - Kathy Harris admits, she doesnt think of herself as a hero.

"I don't feel responsible, because all I did was love him, and try to support him the best I could along the way."

Others disagree, especially Cody Glenn...who came to live with Harris and her family when he was only 12 years old.

"He was going through some difficult times in his life at that point," said Harris, "His mom was working a lot and she just needed a little help, and we welcomed him into our home, and he has been there ever since."

Along side her husband Eddie, raised Cody as one of their own, watching him become one of the best football players in the state... until 2003, when Big Ed...passed away.

"Eddie was so important in our community with all the kids," said Glenn's junior high coach Marks Lanhamm,"And he got that bond, and it just went in with ms Harris too, and I know that Cody is most thankful that anybody.'

"Whenever he would run touchdowns, he would get down on one knee," said Harris, "And he would point up like that, and he would say that was for my husband eddie."

Without his father figure, and with the family he came to call his own, Glenn pressed on, as did Harris.

"He needed us, and as it turned out, we needed him, we just provided love and security to each other."

She was there, when Cody got the new he had been released by the Redskins and was also there, when he signed with the Colts

"Later he texted me back and told me that he was a Colt now, and that he was on the way to Indianapolis, and that is how that played out, and I said cody text me back when you get there and he did," said Harris.

She admits, she doesnt pay that much attention to football...unless you wear #52.

"We are getting new t-shirts next week, the whole campus, Indianapolis colts shirts, with Glenn #52 on the back."

Harris said she always considered Cody a the field...and especially in the stands...

"I worry about him, I want him to be safe, I don't want him to get hurt, but I do want him to knock somebodies head off at the same time."


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