War Turns East Texans To Prayer

On the first Sunday since the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, many East Texans have been turning their thoughts and prayers to the American troops overseas.

Sunday morning, images of patriotism and the military were everywhere, remembered on clothes, on video, and in prayers. People were encouraged to pray for loved ones in the Middle East.

"Everybody that's overseas needs to know," Tyler's James Ezell says. "Everybody at home is praying for them. In the Bible it says that prayer will answer everything and if we can stand together and pray together, then our troops over there will feel that."

"It was very important," Charlotte Ray said. "Especially with what's going on in the world today, we need a lot of prayer."

"Usually in war," 14 year old Aaron Wesson said, "People panic and I think you can come here and rely on God to pray and give you faith."

"It's just a wonderful place to come and help focus," Glenn Wiggins said. "Focus is important now, it helps you to step back and take a breath and say 'Everything's gonna be fine, the Lord is in control of everything.'"

Congregations heard the message, meted from the heart.

"We hope that prayer will bring the nation closer together and bring this all to an end," says Anita Lane-Taylor.

"It's real good to know that churches are praying for our troops right now," says Michael Williams. "They don't have to go over and fight for us, but they are giving up their lives for us, so it's real important we pray and support them."

Sunday morning, East Texans did what they could. They came together in prayer.

Reid Kerr (rkerr@kltv.com) reporting.