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Police investigate illegal video equipment in Tyler home

By Bob Hallmark    

TYLER, TX (KLTV)- An East Texas man, who is the son of a Smith County Commissioner, is under investigation for possible illegal recording devices found in a Tyler home where he lived.

Tyler Police say recording materials and devices were taken from a home at 1319 Idel Street on a search warrant at the home Friday. Police say the warrant was obtained under the Texas Penal Code of "illegally photographing or videotaping a person without their knowledge for purpose of sexual gratification".

    According to investigators, a female tenant found a hidden video camera in her bedroom. Hidden video cameras were found inside the residence, along with various other electronic devices. Precinct 3 Commissioner Terry Phillips and his wife, Karen, issued a statement regarding the case surrounding their son, Lance, and the search at 1319 Idel Street.

 In the statement sent to area media, Phillips said... "The news story surrounding our son is heart-breaking to us. This is a nightmare for parents like us who have tried to bring up our children right. We've always been a faithful church-going family. Karen and I have been active in our church for many, many years and have tried to raise our sons to the best of our ability by providing them with a stable, loving home and educational opportunities; therefore, it is with very heavy and grieving hearts that we face this."

 "We will ask the lord for the strength and the wisdom to get us through this and will ask our friends and church family to pray for us, we love our son and always will. He has been accused of breaking the law. We are not attempting to make any excuses for him. He will have to go through the justice process. If our son is guilty, he will face the consequences for his actions."

 "As an elected official, it is my responsibility to respond to news media inquiries. I accept that and understand it; therefore, this statement will serve as my response to any and all inquiries about this matter. Because our son must be represented by legal counsel, I will be unable to answer any questions about the details of the matter. I hope that all of you in the media will understand that. We are not trying to hide anything or dismiss the seriousness of this matter, but we are deeply grieving, please accept this statement as the one and only comment that Karen and I will have on this matter. Thank you in advance for your understanding."

   Police say a suspect could face a state jail felony if charged. No arrests have been made at this time, and this case is currently under investigation.

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