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Distributors expect huge beer sales for Super Bowl

By Caroline Moses - bio | email

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Industry experts estimate 20,000 gallons of beer will flow through Metro Baton Rouge this weekend. Stores are stocking up now in preparation for at least double regular business, so distributors have been delivering twice as much as they usually do.

Reggy Mercante works for the Baton Rouge Beer Agency, a Miller High Life distributor. He reported the company's clients are keeping more cases stocked on shelves because it's Super Bowl weekend. Of course, with the New Orleans Saints participating in the big game for the first time in franchise history, vendors expect more people than usual will celebrate the day by drinking.

"Don't want nobody to run out," Mercante said. "We're predicting more sales than ever and I think after this weekend, we'll know what to expect from now on."

Raj Parakh, owner of Tigerland Market and of Mercante's clients, thinks it will be the biggest day of the year. He said he already has more keg orders than ever for a Sunday.

"I have orders for 75 kegs just for Sunday alone," he explained. "That's not counting Friday and Saturday together."

He admitted he's actually relieved the game is in Miami and not New Orleans, because fewer people can make the trip, meaning more will make their own Mardi Gras at home.

"Anybody drinking one beer with "Who Dat," they will have two beers, so that's double," he added.

Mercante said the number makes him think he may need to remain on-call in case stores need more beer, but because he's also a Saints fan, he's setting limits.

"Might be halftime I can deliver. I'm not going to deliver during the game," he said.

Beer shelves will not be bare. Distributors added when the Saints win, they expect sales to stay steady and even climb higher through the week as people celebrate into Mardi Gras.

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