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Producer shares Extreme Makeover experience

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By Layron Livingston - bio | email
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Producers for ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition are on their way back to Hollywood, which means we are one day closer to knowing the East Texas family whose life will be changed forever.

Crews have been on the ground, much of the week, getting the info they need to make their decision.

We caught up with one producer before he took off.

"I get asked a lot, 'Can you come to my house?'" said Senior Producer Milan Vasic. "The reality of that is I pray that you never have a need for Extreme Makeover to show up on your front door...because it means you've been through some pretty bad circumstances."

Vasic has been a member of the Extreme Makeover team since season one.

"Every time I stand there and watch, and just...this is unbelievable," he said.

Vasic says he is confident East Texas has what it takes to pull off the show's 178th renovation.

"[It] feels like home to me, is what I'd say," said Vasic. "It's got all the charm and beauty of the south, but it's also got that Texas attitude, which I really appreciate."

He says this trip was a fact-finding mission - to learn more about the families involved.

"We have to go and check on...Do they own the property? What are the rules and regulations of the neighborhood? What are we allowed to build?" he explained.

They have specific qualities they look for in a builder.

"Number one is safety," he said. "Number two is quality of these homes."

And, of course, the community the Extreme team will count on to help welcome home one well-deserving family.

"This is like the barn raising of the 1900's...We cannot do these shows without everyone coming together and helping us," he said.

It will be a few days before producers even know exactly where in East Texas Ty Pennington and the team will end up. But, Vasic expects the call to go out pretty soon for all those East Texans eager to help.

"There will be areas where they can come and watch what we're doing 24 hours a day," said Vasic. "We're going to do a blood drive while we're here...we're going to do a food drive while we're here. This is more than just the one family that'll be selected...this is about the community...[It's] about showing American the heart and soul of East Texas."

"Thousands of people [will be] coming together for a good cause, giving a few hours out of their life to change somebody else's life...that's a pretty amazing thing."

We want to reiterate that five East Texas families have been nominated for an Extreme Makeover, but only one will be chosen. Our reporter is actually in Oklahoma where the Extreme Makeover crew is working to reveal another extreme renovation.

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