Debate Over The End Times Resurfaces With War

Reverend Jerome Milton has been preaching about the "end times" long before war with Iraq broke out.

He reads out of the Bible, "We shall all be changed in the moment of a twinkling of an eye at the last trump and the dead shall be raised in corruptible." Rev. Milton says the end times are nearing, but that we cannot take a single event, even the war with Iraq, as the clear sign the apocalypse is on the way.

"When you look at the war in Iraq and we are praying for our brave young men and women that are fighting for our freedom and the liberation of Iraq, there isn't any specific chapter and verse that mirrors this particular situation and event," says Rev. Milton.

Still, it's understandable some are thinking about the end since the Bible says, there will be wars and rumors of wars.

"For us to start predicting through events like this, would be futile," says Gary Brandenburg, pastor Grace Community.

Senior pastor Gary Brandenburg at Grace Community church preaches to focus on the Bible's positive promises, instead on looking to the trouble with Iraq as any indication of the end of time.

"I try to redirect people to John 14," says Gary Brandenburg, pastor Grace Community. "There is a wonderful promise there that Jesus says to his disciples when he leaves the earth. He says, 'I will be back.' And he always keeps his promise. 'And he says let not your heart be troubled.'"

Ministers point to scripture from Acts 1:7 where the Lord answers, "It's not for you to know the times or the dates the father has set by his own authority."

Every generation has taken the imagery of revelation and Daniel and whether it's the image of the lion, leopard or the eagle and have tried to translate that into modern countries and images," says Bill Parr, doctor of Eschatology.

"That is reading into the Bible rather than reading out of it."

And as one minister pointed out, all previous predictions about the end of time during other wars have been incorrect.

Dana Dixon, reporting