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Gift of Love: Kameron, 6 years old

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - For almost a decade now, KLTV has been committed to helping East Texas foster children find their forever family. In that time, we have featured on our newscasts and online almost 200 children. Of those children, more than 100 are now in permanent adoptive homes. But, our work is not over.

KLTV continues our commitment to these children as there are still nearly 1,000 East Texas children currently in foster care, introducing us to Kameron.

A day of fun at Bergfeld Park kept 6-year-old Kameron on the move. The sweet boy is a bundle of joy and energy.

"[I like to] play outside and blow bubbles," said Kameron.

"He is so sweet," said Linda Womack, a CPS caseworker. "I'll tell you his favorite thing is bubbles. He loves bubbles. He loves to run and play and just loves to be around people and make them smile."

Kameron makes friends easily. He is a picky eater and needs encouragement to eat healthy foods. Kameron says he would love to go camping and have a pet worm. He loves all kinds of animals, especially giraffes and a frogs.

As for school, he is in Pre-K in special education. It is a little hard to understand him so he is in speech therapy. School can be challenging for Kameron and he will need lots of patient instruction to help him stay on target with his peers.

"He does have some developmental issues, but we believe that they are environmental and we will be able to work through," said Womack.

He will do best in a two parent home that can give him lots of love and attention. He would also like an older brother or sister to play with.

"Ideally, he will be the only child or the youngest child where he can get a lot of attention where he'll be the star - he'll be the center of attention," said Womack. "He needs that to overcome his developmental delays - his emotional delays."

As Kameron swings through life, he will need experienced caregivers who are willing to work hard to help him learn new ways to manage his feelings while providing him with a structured and nurturing environment. And, most importantly, show the sweet child the true meaning of the gift of love.

If you'd like to know more about Kameron call our gift of love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-kids-275.

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