Blood Bank Says Critical Supply Could Hinder Military Donations

Stewart Regional Blood Center in Tyler says a blood shortage could prevent them from helping with the war effort.

The blood bank like many across the U.S. has agreed to supply surplus blood to the military if they need it. But Kaye Ferrier with the blood bank says right now the bank is facing a shortage and there's nothing extra to provide.

Before the bank could donate, they'd have to meet a 200 donor-a-day minimum and gain a surplus supply. So far, no requests have come in from the U.S. military.

"I know there is a war effort going on right now," says regular donor Charles Long. "But that should not be the cause of blood donating, it should be the result of people wanting to come give."

Stewart Regional Blood Center has been facing critical levels for well over a year. They've even had to buy blood outside East Texas to serve people living in the area.