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Web Security: Program opens parents' eyes

By Sara Story - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A program called Web Safety is giving parents the power to watch what their kids are doing on their cell phones, notifying them of sexting, cyber bullying, or texting while driving.

Misty Moore calls the software her guardian angel. She uses Web Safety to watch over the phones of her children and said, "I started talking to my children about the type of text messages that they do get, and I was just completely shocked." She was shocked when her kids told her sexting is common in middle schools and high schools. Moore said, "They're asking for nude pictures and things like that. It's not the bad kids that are doing it. It's all of our kids that are being exposed to this."

Misty's son, Dustin, 18, said cyber bullying is also a problem. It happens to kids every day. He said, "You get a text message saying, 'I hate you' or whatever. Some people really take that hard. They question themselves, 'Am I good enough for the world?'"

Web Safety answered Misty's cry for help. It's software you download on your computer that scans your child's phone for words relating to sexting or bullying. "When it picks up on one of the key words, it will instantly send a text message to a parent's phone letting them know there has been some kind of incident on their child's phone," said Moore.

She installed it on her son's phone because the GPS device notifies her when he is speeding, and it blocks him from texting while driving. Dustin said, "The first thing, of course, any teenager is going to say is 'my privacy.' I mean I didn't want her knowing everything that was going on in my life." Misty said privacy controls allow her to see as little or as much as she wants.

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