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Physics lesson at the shooting range

By LaKecia Shockley - bio | email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Some East Texas students are taking to the shooting range for a fired up physics lab. Pine Tree High School seniors and their professor held their AP physics class at the Longview police shooting range.

The students used a swinging pendulum to measure how far the bullets travel.

UT Tyler physics professors set up a high speed camera to show the bullet hit objects in slow motion. They studied three physics principals: work, conservation of momentum, and mechanical energy.

"It gets us a different like step of analysis getting to slow it down and view things that way," explained Jake Magness, a physics senior. "This definitely beats any type of lecture that we would receive in class as far as how interesting it goes, no offense to Dr. Kirchoff."

"Our main goal is real world application of these lessons that they're learning, and we're going to take this opportunity to get the kids fired up about science and physics," said Officer Chris Bethard, with Longview police.

Longview police and Pine Tree says they are actually going to have the lab made into a video. That way, all of the science and physics classes can do and see the firing hands-on equations.

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