Community Spotlight – Boy Scouts

For 100 years the Boy Scouts of America have been instilling honorable virtues in young people across the United States.  Scouting is a learning experience that lasts several years with benefits that last a lifetime.  Few programs exist today that deal with character building like the Boy Scouts.  And now with scouts celebrating their 100 year anniversary, KLTV is proud to recognize the East Texas Area Council as our Community Spotlight for February.  Scouting in East Texas draws participants from 17 counties with young men ranging from first grade through high school.  Some of the greatest leaders of our country were scouts.  From Presidents, to achievers in business, to the greatest medical minds the world has known, scouting touches every industry.  Young men learn about our world while keeping their moral compass grounded.  If you know a young man who can benefit from the scouting experience or if you would like to volunteer, go to our website – KLTV dot com and click the community tab to find out more.  The East Texas Area Council Boy Scouts of America, celebrating 100 years of developing our country's best young minds and KLTV's Community spotlight for February, making this a Better East Texas.