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Changing hair color, a sign of the times

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Blonde, black, red, brown - the list goes on. Hair color comes in a rainbow of colors. But, natural is perhaps the newest trend.

"I'm going to my natural color," said Kaylea Jones. "Grey's moving in."

When it comes to saving money, some women say hair color is something to skimp on.

"I quit doing it...[I'm] letting it all grow off," said Jones.

For those who are afraid to go completely back to their roots, hair stylists recommend a simplified look.

"I can honestly say that some customers who may have been getting fulls and color, they have gone to getting a solid color versus getting highlights," said Donna Granberry, owner of Salon Selections.

Those looking for the best bargain are opting for the do it yourself method.

"You can get hair color anywhere from $5 for a box of it up to...around $20," said Lynette Duncan, manager of Drug Emporium. "So it's a variety and it does save money from going to the salons."

But, even salons, like Salon Selections, are catering to the needs of their clients.

"We also have frequent customer cards so the more you come you will get $25 off, and I think customers appreciate that," said Granberry.

And, during these tough economic times, there are still those who say splurging on color is worth it.

"I just don't get something else that month," said Elizabeth Clemons. "It's about every other month I have to do it. But, I've decided it is just better...I've made a lot of mistakes trying to do my own hair."

"When you feel broke, you don't necessarily want to look broke," said Granberry.

One hair stylist said that her male customers, looking for jobs, have been coming in more frequently to get their hair done because they want to outshine their competition.

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