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Science project inspired by planet Mars...

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - East Texas students are gearing-up on their science and technology skills, using Mars as a model.

Teams of area students from third through eighth grade built Mars rovers out of Lego blocks, and tested out their designs, at Friday morning's Engineering Challenge Contest. Students say it was a true test of teamwork.

"We had to pick up rocks and we had to do a speed test as fast as we could get around the whole obstacle course and an incline test," said Monica McGee, a Fruitvale student.

"I think the most challenging was picking up the rocks because our gear kept messing up at the end," said Chase Carlile, an Arp student.

"It was fun," said Katy Thomas, an Arp student. "You learn that patience means a lot."

The program was all modeled after the Texas Tech and Idaho Tech programs, and uses resources from those universities.

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