County Employees Pray for U.S. Troops

Dozens of Smith County employees gathered on the courthouse steps Thursday to show their support for U.S. Troops. State District Judge Cynthia Kent and District Clerk Lois Rogers organized the special prayer meeting when they heard war broke out overnight. It's the first they've held since Sept. 11.

"I think war affects the whole country," says Rogers. "We, our children, and our grandchildren will watch it on TV."

Three county employees with sons in the military found the gesture particularly heartwarming. One of them, Beverly Reeves, says her son could be deployed any day now.

"The whole time, I was just thinking about (my son) and where he was and where he was probably going to go" she recalls.

Deputy Becky Kelly shared similar feelings, having an 18-year old stationed at the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

"Knowing someone is here with me who has a son going through everything that I'm going through helps when (dealing) with my son," she says.

Judge Kent and Lois Rogers organized the session to give government employees a chance to show their support for the people defending America.

"Here in Tyler, Texas, we don't know how we can participate and help," says Judge Kent. "One way I believe we can concretely help is to offer our prayer and to show we support them here."