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A Better East Texas: Holly Lake Ranch deer problem

The deer at Holly Lake Ranch have been given a reprieve from being cleared out, or have they?  Texas Parks and Wildlife, the state organization charged with managing the largest deer herd in the U.S. has made the recommendation that 400 deer be removed from the Holly Lake Ranch area.  Again, this is coming from Texas Parks and Wildlife, the state's foremost resource on herd management.  Now many residents don't want the deer removed but this may be a case where doing nothing will doom many more than the suggested 400.  The habitat, for many reasons, cannot support the current herd so the deer have become more like pets than wildlife.  But deer don't know when to stop reproducing.  They may be a visual delight right now but they will become more and more desperate for food.  In fact, very soon they will outgrow the available food supply and many will die, some will get hit by cars, and almost all will be malnourished.  The residents of Holly Lake ranch must do something because doing nothing will lead to a wildlife disaster and no one wants that.  So residents, get together and come up with a plan to thin the herd soon or nature will get ugly.  And, unfortunately, this problem is not isolated.  Many communities will soon be forced to deal with too many deer and having a humane approach to managing Bambi and family will make this a Better East Texas.

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