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Gift of Love: Katie, 16 years old

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - She is a beautiful girl with a fantastic smile and she hopes to pursue a degree in journalism. She also hopes find her forever family before heading to college.

Katelyn, who goes by Katie, joined us at the KLTV studios in Tyler for a tour. The 16-year-old hopes to one day be a star, but not on TV, on Broadway.

"I just like the dramatic, the way people act and I just like singing," said Katie. "Being able to act and sing at the same time, it's just all in one."

She enjoyed the behind the scenes tour, especially the green screen where weather is done. Looking ahead, Katie would love to see the Phantom of the Opera and meet her favorite singer.

"One person that I've always wanted to meet is Alicia Keys," she said.

Katie is interested in going to college and has been looking into journalism as a major. She has a very creative side; writing and singing her own songs.

"Math and science are my least favorite (subjects) and English and History are my favorite," said Katie.

Katie enjoys reading magazines, scrapbooking, camping, and cleaning when she is really bored. She also participates in athletics and plans to do in track this year. And, when it comes to her three wishes, she only has one.

"I can't really think of anything big but I want a a stable permanent family," said Katie.

She needs a family capable of providing her with extra emotional support as she prepares for young adulthood. She says she relies on her faith to find the perfect one.

"It kind of scares me in a way," she said. "I'm nervous and sometimes I doubt myself and think I'm not going to be adopted but I have faith."

Katie will need time to learn to trust her family and encouragement to express her feelings. And, when it comes to her ideal family, she wants brothers and sisters.

"I would love brothers and sisters because I would love big sister, somebody I can talk to or a little sister - someone I can teach and they can look up to me," said Katie.

She is hoping for a family that will let her shine center stage as they show her the gift of love.

If you'd like to know more about Katie call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-kids-275.

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