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Gohmert's State of the Union

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Polls show Americans are losing confidence in President Obama's ability to the lead the country out of a fiscal turmoil. His quest to reform the healthcare system took a big hit last week, when Republican Scott Brown, defeated Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley for Ted Kennedy's vacant Senate seat.

Congressman Louie Gohmert explains where Democrats failed in year one, and what they will need to do to succeed in year two.

Republican Scott Brown's stunning, yet convincing defeat of Martha Coakley was "not about President Obama" says Congressman Louie Gohmert.

Gohmert believes the majority of America wants the president to succeed.

"But, they are very frustrated in what has been happening," he said.

According to a Suffolk University Seven News poll taken before the election, voters said Scott Brown won the debates 41% to Martha Coakley's 25%.

Brown is against closing Gitmo.

"He said we're not gonna do that," said Gohmert. "That's not what we should do. We've got to protect America, and people in Massachusetts agreed with that."

Brown also ran on fiscal responsibility, meaning lower taxes, and he vowed grind healthcare reform to a halt.

"He wasn't a stealth candidate, running on stealth issues," said Gohmert. "I was tickled to death to see how overt he was in where he stood on these issues."

President Obama still polls high in Massachusetts, with 55% of voters still having having a favorable opinion of him. However, the Democratic senatorial candidate trailed Brown in polls.

"President Obama inherited a bad situation," said Gohmert.

But, as the president's national poll numbers drop, so does America's confidence in his agenda.

"The stimulus was not helpful," said Gohmert. "That was followed immediately by the $400,000,000,000 land omnibus bill that didn't create jobs."

Gohmert and a fellow congressmen recently unveiled a so-called "Declaration of Healthcare Independence."

"It goes through and sets out the grievances, just like in the Declaration of Independence, where they set out the grievances they had with King George and his arrogance and his unhearing, unsympathetic, insensitive cavalier attitude toward America," explained Gohmert. "And, I think that's what we saw in Massachusetts. The people said the status quo is no good."

And, that pretty much sums up Brown's campaign.

"We don't want reform of healthcare to die," said Gohmert. "We want it reformed. We want that government takeover of healthcare reform dead."

The Congressman explained in detail what the "Declaration of Healthcare Independence" will accomplish as well as a variety of other issues. You can hear more of Gohmert's interview by scrolling through the video thumbnails in the upper right-hand corner of this story.

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