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Tyler explains emergency siren system

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - When severe weather strikes there are several ways city officials try to keep us safe and informed; one of the most recognizable way is sirens. But Tyler police emphasize those sirens are just an outdoor warning system so you may not be able to hear them if you are inside or live outside the city limits. Anyone in the county should rely on TV or radio broadcasts.

Tyler police say they also issue a Code Red, which triggers a phone system that dials city residents warning of dangerous conditions.

In regards to last Wednesday's storms, Tyler police say all of their tornado sirens did sound off.

"The one for sure way we know again is to test them," said Officer Don Martin, with the Tyler Police Department. "We test them on the first Tuesday of every month unless there's bad weather in the area. Then, we won't test them and we'll come back and re-test them. But we rely on the public as well to say that, 'Well, I listened for them at 11 o'clock on Tuesday [and] my siren did not go of.' They need to notify us of that."

Again, no matter where you live, if you do not hear sirens go off during tests, report it to your police department immediately so it can be fixed.

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