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12 ways Christians can make a difference in 2010

Released by Cathy Krafve:

TYLER, TX - Dr. Grace English spoke recently to a community-wide event designed to call attention to the long-term effects of keeping silent about abortion in today's churches. The following are her suggestions on ways believers can make a difference in the lives of those who have been touched by abortion.

1) Go to your churches and share what you've learned.

2) Talk to people around you. Staying silent is a passive acceptance, according to English.

3) Realize that there is a connection between Post Abortion Syndrome and present emotional issues in families.

4) Seek out information about the spiritual consequences of abortion.

5) Recognize that God wants us to do something with our personal story, even or perhaps especially, when they include abortion.

6) Talk to the youth in your church. Help them understand that our first and foremost love relationship is with God.

7) Reach out to the college age people you know and to single adults.

8) Recognize that abortion is not solely a single adult issue. The truth is that many married men and women have ended pregnancies with abortion between the births of their living children, she says.

9) Participate in a post-abortion ministry.

10) Look for ways to reach out to men - the grandfathers, fathers, and brothers – who have lost children to abortion. "Men feel powerless; often they have no say in the decision," says English.

11) Volunteer & support local ministries such as "Living Alternatives & Christian Homes & Family Services." More specifically, you can volunteer at the Pregnancy Resource Center of Living Alternatives as a lay counselor to help young men & women.

12) Continue praying for more leaders, especially political leaders, who are willing to address the issue of abortion.

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