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Movie makers meet in Longview

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - The movie magic of Hollywood may be making a move towards the lone star state, courtesy of a group right here in East Texas. With grand film ideas already in their heads, it was the first meeting of the East Texas film-makers society at Longview's Maude Cobb Activity Center.

"What we're really wanting to do is showcase the talent that is out here in East Texas," says Longview actor and film-maker David Shelton,"[and] bring these people together to collaborate and work on short films and really put East Texas on the map."

More than a dozen independent film-makers gathered to plan present and future film projects to be based and shot in East Texas, using East Texas talent.

"The potential for the talent to come out of East Texas is incredible." Shelton says.

"I think there's so many people that have the actor or actress inside of them that's just waiting to come out" says Pittsburg actress Nanette Wilabay.

And there are advantages to filming in Texas.

"If you aspire to be in Hollywood films and such, you'll find that you have to get into unions, a lot of red tape." Says Center film-maker David Masterson, "We can do just about anything that Hollywood wants to do and still reach the masses, we can do just a well as Hollywood."

With the movie industry booming, many want to get in on the action.

"Just like in world war two people would love to go to the movies just to get away from it all and to enjoy themselves a little bit" Shelton says.

And with enough planning, who knows what could come out of east Texas film-making.

"Where did Spielberg come from, Robin Williams come from, where did anybody come from?" Masterson says.

The group will meet monthly in Tyler and Longview. Members of the northeast Texas regional film commission were also on hand at today's meeting.

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