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A Better East Texas: Church Fires

It is impossible to ignore the series of recent fires that have burned multiple East Texas churches.  Some of them have been ruled as arson and others certainly look like arson.  The coward or cowards that set the fires will be caught but these acts will leave deep scares in, not only the congregations that lost their places of worship, but in every church in the area.  It is absurd that churches, places of peace, worship and sanctity, have to hire security or ask members to patrol their campuses.  These acts of arson should be handled as domestic terror attacks because they destroy property associated with beliefs.  And those responsible should be treated as terrorists.  But in the end, it is comforting, almost confidence building, knowing that these arsonists, while destroying or damaging a church building cannot destroy or damage the spirit of believers.  In fact, disgraceful acts such as these draw people of all faiths together and they are strengthened in the process.  In the Bible, fire usually means destruction, challenge, refinement but in these torched churches, fire is uniting.  I am confident that law enforcement will bring those responsible to justice, but in the mean time East Texans stand together as a community of faith and it has already made for a better East Texas.

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