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A Better East Texas: Brown Senate Victory

A huge election this week in the vote to fill the seat left vacant after the death of Senator Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts.  Republican long shot Scott Brown defeated Democrat Martha Coakley.  Brown was hardly on the radar when the race began but surged over the last few weeks to win the seat.  What is remarkable is that this is the first Republican elected from Massachusetts to the U – S Senate in almost 40 years.  Some critics claimed it was Coakley's lack of energy and engagement of the populous that lost the race but it is hard not to say that this is a measure of the Congress and the President's performance.  Whether the economy, healthcare, cap and trade, you name it the people of Massachusetts, forever considered a democratic strong hold, sent a message.  In as much as the election in 2008 was a message to the Republicans, 2010 has started as a message to the Democrats.  The American people do not like dramatic change at the national level.  There will still probably be a bill passed on healthcare reform but it like several other agenda items of the President are likely to be watered down as a result of the Massachusetts election.  It is refreshing to be reminded that there are no absolutes or guarantees in politics.  So as we in Texas prepare for the March primary, perhaps we should expect the unexpected.  Either way the people will speak and that will make for a better East Texas.

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