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East Texans helping others overcome abortions

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Released by Cathy Primer Krafve with the Sanctity of Human Life event:

TYLER, TX - A city-wide Sanctity of Human Life event, Breaking the Silence: The Power of Truth over the Lies of Abortion, is scheduled for Sunday, January 24 at 2pm at Green Acres Baptist Church Chapel.

"So many men and women are sitting in the pews in their shame," says Dr. Grace English, co-chairman of this year's community-wide event to spotlight the ways East Texans are overcoming abortion. "70% of women who choose to abort claim that they are Christians."

English and fellow planners of the event believe that when people fail to speak about their past abortions, they suffer with shame and other symptoms which short-circuit their current relationships. Often without realizing that their current situations are affected by their ongoing decisions to remain silent, they subconsciously choose a path that guarantees ongoing problems in their relationships.

"Our aim is to break the silence in the church," says English, adding that God "is such a faithful and loving God who wants to desperately heal His people so that we can have the abundant life that He died to give us and that we are no longer 'crippled' Christians who then can go do His work that He has for us 100%."

Speakers for the program include Linda Lesniewski, Michael Bobo, Jo Lyons, Dr. David O. Dykes, State Representative Leo Berman, Doug Clark, and Dr. Grace English. Matt and Megan Magill will provide music for the event. There will be a Symbolic White Rose Ceremony and a video created especially for event, called, "Lies vs. Truths of Abortion."

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