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Coaching couple kicks off Spring Hill program

By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

SPRING HILL, TEXAS (KLTV) -  Becky and Chris Peurifoy always wanted a big family.  They found one in Spring Hill.  Twelve boys and fifteen girls.

"We scold them when they're not on time," said Chris Peurifoy with a laugh.  "We talk to them whenever they're not doing what we want them to do."

Becky says she gives the positive reinforcement.  This family isn't blood.  Just sweat and tears.

"We have to put in a little positive reinforcement every now and then," said Senior Evan Newby.  "But most of the time people want to be out here."

Starting a new soccer program isn't easy.  So boys and girls practice together.

"I think it's a really good thing because we're able to learn off of each other," said Newby.

"It's a learning experience for all of us as teams and individuals," said Senior Carlee Wood.  "I just think it's a good thing we're doing it all together."

The kids say they appreciate the Peurifoy's hard work in kicking off the program.  The Peurifoy's appreciate more time together.

"Being teachers together, we spend most of our summer's together and all of our breaks together," said Chris Peurifoy.  "I guess we enjoy always being together. That's why we got married."

"I cannot express my gratitude to them for helping getting this program starting," Wood.  "I know it's frustrating and not the easiest thing in the world, but they're trying and it's going to be a great thing eventually."

The Spring Hill boys and girls soccer teams will play their first home games on Friday night against Hudson.

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