Vascocu Reflects on Boxing Career

Lucky Vascocu is 81 years old and may just be the oldest active boxing coach in the U.S. He lives in Troup and runs the Byron Peyton Gym. They host the Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament each year.

Vascocu has traveled all over the world training and coaching young boxers such as current pros like Oscar De La Hoya. " I just can't get up and walk away from it, I am not sure someone else would spend the time and effort. They may put a kid in arms way or get them killed." says Vascocu.

He boxed in the Navy for 6 years and feels very strongly about the War situation."We are already at war, and I back President Bush 100 percent." Vascocu even saw a young guy by the name of Mike Tyson box before he became a professional. "When other coaches kids would draw a fight with Tyson they would pull there kids out because they knew they would get killed. And because of that Tyson won many fights by default."