Swiffer Wet Jet: "Does It Work?"

If it can make your life easier, we're going to test it out. That's the whole idea behind our "Does It Work?" series. And the TV spots advertising the "Swiffer Wet Jet" certainly got our attention.

Next to doing windows, mopping is probably one of the most dreaded chores. But this little innovation promises to take the dread away. Question is: "Does It Work?"

"Powers through tough dirt and stains," it says on the outside of the box. We set up a test on a tile floor using cola, Kool-Aid and a little dirt.  We tracked it around, and let it set for a few days. Ah, but the Swiffer Wet Jet, in it's snappy purple box, was built for this sort of thing. We just have to build it first.

The swiffer comes boxed in a couple of sections, but it all snaps together easily. This starter kit includes the batteries you'll need. The 1 liter bottle of cleaning solution requires little effort to install. No mess involved. Just pop it in and the Swiffer punctures the bottle top for you. The final step-- lay one of the mop cleaning pads over the Velcro surface, and you're ready.

And while you do that, take a look at the pad. It's equipped with something called cleaning cuffs. They're supposed to trap dirt and dust so it doesn't just show up elsewhere on the floor.

The batteries power the spraying mechanism. You control the spray with abutton. Give it a second to soak in. And it works! The stains come right up with little effort. Time after time, the Swiffer met the challenge.

And you got the feeling it wasn't just moving the dirt around. The "cleaning cuffs" and the sponge pad really seemed to be trapping the dirt inside. Manuverability was a plus too. And clean up from the clean up was a breeze. Just peel off the pad and throw it away. Also, we should note, the floor was dry almost immediately after we finished the job.

"Does it work?" We give the Swiffer Wet Jet a "yes".

The starter kit is available at almost any discount store and costs around 25 dollars. You get 6 cleaning pads and 1 bottle of cleaning solution with the kit. After the initial investment, 12 replacement pads is 6 dollars. The cleaner is 3.50 per liter.