T.K. Gorman Students Watch War Debate In Class

Students in Tyler are making up their own minds about the crisis in the gulf, thanks to televisions in the classroom.

Kids at T.K. Gorman watch Channel 1 News each morning in government and economics classes. The program features young reporters delivering the days events to a young audience. Afterwards, the students discuss the stories.

Terisa Arisco says the process helps her understand differing opinions. "I support our country and I support our president and his actions. But, I have a hard time understanding the fact that we have a weapon that can obliterate huge amounts of people and children and schools and teachers and families. They're just like us. They're just going about their normal lives. It's difficult that we should do that for our own safety."

Colin Thurmond says he disagrees with a lot of his classmates when it comes to the prospect of war. But, he says agreeing isn't always as important as understanding. "A lot of people are in favor of the war, and I'm not. I've got my opinion and they've got theirs. It's not something you hold against somebody else."

This morning, T.K. Gorman High School conducted a lock down drill in response to the government's raising the terrorism alert level.