No Answers In Death Of Teen

Still no answers for a Longview couple whose teenage daughter died after a mysterious illness last November.

17 year old Ashley Taylor was one of three women who died from similar flu like symptoms.

Autopsy results show 43 year old Debra Ann Rust and 42 year old Cheryl Bothwell died of pneumonia.

But doctors have told the parents of Ashley, they don't know what caused her death.

"It's like reliving this nightmare and it's a nightmare that won't stop," says Ashley's mother Cindy.

Jack and Cindy Taylor were devastated when their 17 year old daughter, Ashley, died suddenly last November of a mysterious illness.

Four months later doctors say they cannot determine what caused her death.

An answer the Taylors are not satisfied with.

"We hear this right here it's just devastating because that isn't even what we wanted to hear," says Jack.

The mystery behind Ashley's death began with what Jack and Cindy thought was a simple stomach virus.

She had come down with it the day after Thanksgiving but by the following night Ashley's conditioned had deteriorate.

Cindy's sister came over trying to help.

"Tina was rubbing her face telling her 'come on Ashley'. She says 'talk to me' and she went to pick Ashley's head up and she just broke out into this real cold clammy sweat and turned a real funny color and when Tina picked her head up her head just went back and her eyes were just 100% dialated. She just had this extremely cold, dead stare and she just quite doing it and stumbled over," recalls Cindy.

Ashley was rushed to the hospital but it was too late.

"Before I even get out of bed in the morning I pray to God that he just gives me strength to make it through another day because I can't even imagine life without her. She was our baby she was my strong backbone that helped me get through a lot of things. She was my best friend as much as she was my daughter," says Cindy.

Today, sitting in Ashley's bedroom, Jack and Cindy say they are determined to find the answer as to why Ashley is no longer here.

"I don't care if I have to sell everything I own I want an answer to this," says Cindy.

Amy Tatum, reporting.