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Haiti still in chaos says East Texas missionary family

By Philippe Djegal - email
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Some hopeful news out of Haiti today. 10 days after the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince was leveled by a massive earthquake, an elderly woman trapped beneath a pile of rubble was pulled out alive.

However, the situation remains grim. Hundreds of Haitians are still unaccounted for, and the body count is rising everyday. Last week, KLTV 7 began getting reports from an East Texas family who is in Haiti with Youth with a Mission, and members there say the country is still in the grip of chaos.

Today's discovery came two days after another person was found alive. This is perhaps even more miraculous because it came after Wednesday's magnitude 6.1 aftershock. The jolt shook buildings and made already fearful Haitians even more uncertain of the future.

"It wasn't very intense," said Kristian Snow. "It couldn't knock down anything. But these people who experienced the real thing were so terrified, that they tried to get up and run outside of this building."

. . . in the process of doing so, bandages were undone, and some of the wounds sustained by the quake were re-opened. And, at the Saint Nicholas hospital in Saint Marc, the stench of rotting corpses is still filling the air.

Haitians are quickly bucketing as many gallons of water possible, which they'll use to wash down a make-shift refugee camp.

As gas, food and supplies are trucked in from the Dominican Republic, Haitians are, in turn, seeking refuge over the border.

"The Haitian border is that way and the gates are open," said Snow. "Anyone can just come on through."

And, as hospitals swell with the injured, refugee camps grow larger by the day, and tempers are flaring.

"The people here have stopped thinking about me," said one man. "They've finished thinking about me."

More than a week later, quake survivors recount the day they nearly died.

"While I was running, the house fell on me," said a woman with a bandage on her head. "After that, I didn't hear anything anymore."

She was trapped beneath debris for three days, until she was eventually found.

"I was running back when something hit my head," said one man. "A piece fell and hurt me, and another piece fell right here and I fell down."

Death and destruction is starting to get to 19-year-old East Texas native Kristian Snow, who shot the video for this report.

"We're hearing right now that amputations are being taken place in Port-au-Prince with no [anesthetics]," said Snow.

One boy was left for dead in a morgue, but when he woke up, he started banging on the door and crying out for help.

"They brought him over here and he's in critical condition," said Elizabeth Snow, Kristian's sister. "His head's busted open and he's got some serious wounds."

But, he is alive, and so is the spirit of Haiti. The search for life continues as the living fight to stay alive.

The Snow family moved away from East Texas to Haiti in the 1990's. So, they've put nearly two decades of work into helping that nation. Right now, they say the focus is not them - they're safe. But, to help the refugees.

Youth with a mission in East Texas and Haiti could use your help. If you'd like to donate your time or money, click here.

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