Front Pages Give Sampling of World View of Conflict

Public opinion in Texas and the nation is firmly in support of the President, and the move toward conflict with Iraq.  The same is not true around the world.  We found several resources that allow you to look at front pages from around the world, as well as translate foreign websites to English.

First are a collection of opinions today:

"Even if the war fails to be the four-day turkey-shoot that all the experts assure us it will be, the eventual outcome is not in doubt. -- The Daily Telegraph, London

"The end of the Cold War must be the advent of a new world order, founded on the right, not with the boot of Washington." - Le Figaro, Paris

"For a short moment, following 9/11, it seemed that the nations of the world planned to join forces in a battle against global terrorism. But with time, certain states [began to have] the temptation to gnaw... at a wounded superpower."- Haaretz, Israel

"War seems inevitable, and has seemed inevitable from the moment the French government, for it's own political reasons, decided to undermine the effort to show Hussein that the world speaks with one voice..." - The Australian, Sydney

"...A completely new chapter is broken open. At it's end, an invading christian army will stand in one of the most important cities in Islamic culture." [Meanwhile,] "the fate of the U.N. is in the stars." Die Welt, Germany

"The cherry blossoms are out and the B-52 bombers are on their way. So whose side are you on, the bombs, or the blossoms? - David Aaronovitch, The Guardian, London

"Bush will not be denied the regime change he wants. And the Republican hawks around him will not be denied their chance to assert that America not only dominates the world, but can refashion it at will, at no great cost. We want no part of it." - Toronto Star

Check out the "Associated Links" at the top of the page to go to the Newseum, where hundreds of today's front pages are online.  Also, go to to translate any text or even complete web pages to English.

Reported by: Morgan Palmer