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Proud Of East Texas: William Moore

By Joan Hallmark - bio | email

HENDERSON, TX (KLTV) - William Moore had spent years building his "William's Architectural Workshop" in Henderson into a lucrative business specializing in beautiful, elaborate staircases. But, when the economy began its slide down, so did Moore's business. When Moore's wife asked him to build a staircase for a friend's dog, it was almost the last straw for Moore.

However, when Moore researched the subject he found that the pet product market was over a $43,000,000,000 industry with over 35-million dogs sleeping in bed with their owners. He also discovered that pet stairs were one of the fastest growing products.

Moore has not only developed beautifully crafted three and five step pet stairs with carpet that can be matched to the home's decor, he has engineered the first spiral staircase for pets. With patents pending, Moore is pleased about the possibilities of his "Posh Pet Staircases," but even happier to give employment to others who may have been affected by the recession, too. As far as William Moore is concerned, the expression "going to the dogs" now has a whole new meaning.

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