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More to come says Gubernatorial candidate

By Taylor Hemness - bio | email
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The sparks that flew between Hutchison and Perry were the big story coming out of last week's debate, but they weren't the only story.

Debra Medina, the third Republican candidate in that debate, has seen a surge in support since the debate. During an event in Tyler Monday, Medina said there's more to come, and that the debate was a "game-changer."

Fund-raising is everything in campaign politics, and based on the cash coming in, Medina got some people's attention last Thursday night.

"We had raised just over $230,000 in the first 10 months of this campaign, and in the last three days, we've raised over 50," said Medina. "So that's an incredible outpouring of support."

Medina says that is because people across the state got a chance to see the difference between candidates who are for big government, and one candidate who is not.

"All of my answers are going to be people answers, and all of their answers are going to be big government answers," she said. "All we see every time there's a crisis is the government saying, 'Well, I can fix that for you,' and most of us know the government can't fix anything."

Medina's message includes some pretty drastic changes to state laws because she says private property ownership, and gun ownership are the essential elements of freedom.

"In Texas, we don't own anything because we pay these exorbitant property taxes," she explained. "So protect property by eliminating property tax in Texas.

Medina also says Texans should be able to open carry and not "have to jump through a bunch of hoops."

Medina's biggest experience in politics is as a Republican party chairman in Wharton County. She knows she is up against some tough competition. But she also says her debate performance may have been just the springboard she was looking for.

"Those donations we were talking about are coming from around the country," said Medina. "This is a game changer not just for Texas, but for United States of America, and people see that and they're excited about it."

Along with the donations, Medina says traffic on her website has increased 12 fold since Thursday night's debate.

According to her schedule, she will be in East Texas for the next couple of days, making stops in Kilgore, Mineola, and Sulphur Springs.

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