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On The Home front -- Johnny Williams

   On February 6th, Patricia Williams got a message from her son. He said he was headed to Kuwait. Patricia and her husband weren't home when Johnny called. So, they replay they phone message on the machine, over and over.

   It gives them comfort.

   "I needed to hear his voice," Patricia said, and she thanks God she has a constant reminder of the sound of his voice.

   Each day, each night, they pray the Lord protects their son.

   "I believe the scriptures that say the angels of the Lord are encamped around him. So it will keep him safe and I trust in that."

   Patricia and her husband, John, rely on those scriptures for comfort, something they needed after the President's speech.

   "It will mean that my son will be putting his life on the line for his country. But I still have the faith that he will come back to me better and whole," Patricia said.

   "My son, everyone's sons and daughters are in danger. The danger it's unthinkable," John says. But they try not to think of the danger, rather the duty.

   They got a letter from their son today, and he said he is ready for war. He also told his parents that the sand storms have been terrible to deal with he hasn't gotten much sleep. He said he only gets about four hours or less a night.

   Michelle Mortensen, reporting.

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