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Inspiring East Texan learns to walk again

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - She is beating all the odds by taking one step at a time.

Julie Tanner has dealt with injuries and illnesses her whole life, and was told by doctors that she would never walk again. Thanks to one hospital's effort, Julie is now back on her feet.

"I feel my feet now and that is so amazing!", says Julie Tanner.

To see retired school teacher, Tanner's walk is remarkable. For a decade, Julie was wheelchair bound. A juvenile diabetic, she took insulin for nearly 30 years.

"The kidney failure which was caused by the diabetes caused me to be on dialysis and I was on dialysis for six years," said Tanner.

Also suffering from osteoporosis, pins and rods practically hold Tanner's body together.

"A waitress in a restaurant praised my husband for how well he was treating his mother and taking her out to dinner and of course that was me. I was just flabbergasted, that someone thought I was my husbands mother. So I told me doctor, 'I've got to do something,'" said Tanner.

That encounter led Tanner to Lindsay Haywood, a personal trainer at Good Shepherd's Institute for Healthy Living.

"I told her when we started walking that the day she walks without a cane, I'll probably cry because she's like my little baby," said Haywood. "She's my prize possession."

In a year, Tanner learned to walk all over again, building her muscles, and taking one step at a time.

"Lindsay is always there to hold me, to guide me, and catch me and support me. The trainers here, the facility here, they work with you. They are not drill sergeants that are trying to pound you!" exclaimed Tanner.

To commend Julie's astonishing success, she was awarded the Good Shepherd Institute of Healthy Living's Inspire Award.

"As a teacher, I always felt that anyone can learn. Now I know that with me, anyone can improve their body in some way. It may not be the magnificent muscle man or the fantastic models that you see in the centerfold but we can get better," said Tanner.

To celebrate Tanner's success her husband is taking her to Hawaii at the end of this month. She is also writing a book titled "Wow! Look what I can do now!"

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