Family Fears For Loved One In Persian Gulf

As the threat of war heightens so does the anxiety of east Texans who have loved ones serving in the Persian gulf.

Soila Simmons and two of her children can't stop watching the news.

Her two oldest sons are in the Marines.

One son is stationed in Dallas.

The other son is serving in the Persian gulf.

"I'm very proud of him," says Soila about her eldest son.

The two brothers graduated from the Marine corp together six years ago.

Soila was there one day last January when her oldest, Stanley, left to serve in the Persian gulf.

"I was so afraid. But I don't want him to know. I want to be strong for him. I was crying the day. But he don't know that. But I was crying," recalls Soila.

Stanley isn't allowed to tell his family exactly where he is.

But he is able to speak to them often through e-mail.

It's communication that keeps this family connected.

"It was maybe a week ago I talked to him and tells me what's going on and what conditions are over there," says Stanley's brother Walter.

"I'm used to coming to them and talking to them and stuff. Like I don't get to see them everyday. It's kind of difficult. I miss talking to him he offers a lot of advice to me. Since he's older," says Stanley's sister Roxana.

Soila says as a mother she is afraid for her son.

But as a Christian she says she knows God is watching over him.

"I know that he's in God's hands and I know that he's gonna take care of him," says Soila.

So for now the family continues to watch the latest news and pray for a son and brother's safety in war.

Amy Tatum, reporting.