Dixie Chicks Dilemma

"Hey, I want to make a request," says of a caller on KYKX Radio in Longview. "I'd rather ya'll wouldn't play Dixie Chicks if that's possible."

And so... you've just entered a Dixie Chicks "No Fly Zone". "Cause I don't think it's right to go to another country and trash your President, " the caller continues.

You name it... They've heard says Morning Drive D.J. Diane Day, "We got call, after call, after call on it," she says. "Throughout the weekend it seemed to mushroom from stations in Texas then throughout the nation."

And touching a nerve here at home says KYKX Program Director, Dru Laborde, "Listeners have been going ballistic about this." And he lets those listeners know, "We've been listening to you. On Monday, Natalie Maine apologized for her remarks. So, since it took 7 days for her apology--105.7 is taking 7 days from her."

KYKX is planning on playing American songs when the Dixie Chicks songs are slated says Laborde, "We'll just hold out our forgiveness for as long as she held out on apologizing."

On the groups website, Maines now admits her comments were disrespectful. But that didn't stop folks in Bossier City, Louisiana from smashing Dixie Chicks CD's by foot and trailer tractor. "Aiming a comment like that had a much far reaching effects than Natale Maine realized it would," says Day.

Reaching all the way to Chandler, Texas into Sue Beam's home. A mother who's 22 year old son, Airman Brian Badstibner is across seas defending America, "I was real disappointed," she says. "At a time when we have so many young men and women, going what they believe in, have to hear from home from people who have the publics attention and the microphone in their face.

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