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Fly Kids land in East Texas

By Philippe Djegal - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A new youth performing group is coming to East Texas. Young boys and girls graced the hardwood at the Glass Recreation Center in Tyler, auditioning for a spot on the Fly Kids group.

"It's harder than I thought," said Taylor Holiday, 9.

But, this batch of future superstars caught on fast.

"I've always seen people like Michael Jackson," said Ryan Jackson, 11. "I want to dance like them. I want to act, and perform."

"I'm looking for raw talent - kids that have never had any training," said Kathy Wood, director of Fly Kids.

Kathy hired Chris Gamez to organize auditions, and prepare these kids for their chance.

"Envision where you're gonna go, okay? That's basic principals," said Gamez. "You can apply those principals to life. If you don't know where you're gonna go, you know, you're gonna get distracted. You're gonna go off [in] the wrong direction - things aren't gonna turn out right."

"We toured internationally and he's one of the best teachers I have - that I've come across," said Wood. He's very contentious about providing a positive experience for the kids."

Twenty-one kids tried out. However, auditions will continue throughout the month.

"I'm looking at how hard they work and potential," said Wood.

Taylor Holiday is dying to make the team.

"I'm gonna feel a little nervous. But, excited that I got in it and happy," said Holiday.

"It sounds so cool and you can be in mid-air," said Jeron Wise, 8.

"We want to be the best performing group we can be," said Wood. "That's what I want for these children."

Auditions, rehearsals and training are all free, and, there is still time to try out. Just get in touch with the Glass Recreation Center in Tyler for more information.

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