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East Texans stage Haitian refugees

By Philippe Djegal - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - As the initial shock of the quake's destruction sets in, the East Texas family living in Haiti now turns their focus on setting up camp just outside of Port-au-Prince, in Saint-Marc, preparing to house refugees.

"We have a lot of refugees coming in from Port-au-Prince," said Wayne Snow, an East Texan raised in Haiti. "There's a lot of people buying stuff up in the local businesses and basically we're seeing all the food just being poured out to all the people."

Wayne says local businesses are letting people buy food on credit. But, only to those deemed trustworthy.

"Otherwise you have to come with cash, and right now, cash is in short supply,"said Wayne.

Port-au-Prince is the heart of Haiti. All of the imports go through there. But, because the city has essentially shut down, getting food and supplies is slow.

"The warf is closed. The airport is only receiving relief," said Wayne. "That means all the supply routes are basically gone."

The team hits the road, searching for a place to stage the refugees.

"I got lots of family that I don't hear from them yet," said Philipson George, a member of Youth with a Mission Haiti. "I don't know if they are dying."

"Behind us here is [an] abandoned hospital," said Kristian Snow, Wayne's younger brother.

Kristian tracked the owner of the building down, who is willing to allow refugees to camp here.

"We need help from all the people in the community so we can do this work," said the owner.

"There's a lot, a lot of poop and trash that you don't want to know about here," said Kristian.

So, they're shoveling it out before night falls, and before the refugees come in.

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