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Disabled Veteran Victim Of Scam

      An east Texas disabled veteran is scammed out of the little money he had, through yet another bogus contest winner scheme. Monday a Rusk county man gets a call from someone claiming to be from the federal trade commission, saying he'd won 350-thousand dollars. A 20 year army veteran on disability, the victim thought his luck had changed.

    "I enter all kinds of contests and anything's possible I thought this was my day" the victim says.

     Then things began to go wrong. The company claimed ties with Lloyds of America, Random House and Publishers Clearing House.

   "They said that I had to come up with a certain amount of money for a bonded carrier to bring it down to me. All tolled I spent out a total of 1-thousand 800 and 5 dollars. The company name they claimed was Lloyds of America, there is no such thing" he says.

   Realizing he'd been taken, he called the scammers again, only to get a 'sorry but too bad" answer.

   "I said I'm like dude you ain't sorry , you didn't lose 18-hundred dollars like I did. He said well I'm robbing the hood" the victim says.

  Rusk county deputies are investigating.

   "Anytime someone comes right out and asks for money up front that should just send up red flags there. Old cliché if it sounds too good to be true normally it is" says Rusk county patrol lieutenant Brian Cole.

   "Its wrong it makes me want to cry its wrong" the veteran says.

   The telephone calls were traced back to two locations in Washington D.C., and two in New York city, but there's nothing further to identify the scam artists. Bob Hallmark reporting/bhallmark@kltv.com

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