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Neighborhood advised to kill 400 deer, residents react

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HOLLY LAKE RANCH, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas community is having a dispute over deer. Some folks at Holly Lake Ranch call them pets, but others see them as destructive.

At Holly Lake Ranch homeowners say there are thousands of deer roaming around. It has become a problem for residents with gardens and golfers. They say the deer eat anything that is green. So they have taken matters into their own hands and sought advice from Texas Parks and Wildlife.

In an afternoon educational meeting, wildlife experts told residents the white-tail deer are, in fact, overabundant. They suggested that 400 doe be killed. While some homeowners think this will be good for their property and the wildlife habitat, others say the deer are pets and call this a slaughter.

"They were here first," said Brenda Eberhart. "We moved here to enjoy the wooded area and the wildlife, and now you want to take it away... and it's carnage as far as I'm concerned."

"We are just trying to get ahead of the curve," said Larry Bowman. "It is very emotional; we understand that, but we aren't trying to eliminate the deer. We are just trying to get it down to a population that is healthy."

The board of directors will vote on the issue on January 26.

We want to hear your suggestions on how Holly Lake Ranch should deal with the deer problem. Scroll down to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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