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College student remembers friends lost in quake

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Haitian native Emmy Charlot could hardly believe the images she saw of her home country.

"Oh my goodness!" said Charlot, a biology major at LeTourneau University. "These are my people. I feel like every Haitian is an extended part of my family."

After hours of calling, she was finally able to find her family in the aftermath.

"Last night, I was able to reach my mom, finally, after trying for the past two days," she said. "Tears were falling down my face. I was like, 'Mom, is that really your voice? Are you OK?'"

But, she was not spared from loss.

"A lot of my friends are missing, and they haven't been able to find them, and the ones they have been able to find, three of them are dead," she said. "I knew their family. We grew up in the same town and went to the same church."

She feels the pain of her countrymen, and the helplessness from being so far away.

"Right now, I'm just saying, 'God, why Haiti? Why all this to a country so poor?" said Charlot. "It's just been really hard and depressing for me to be living in the states where I am privileged to so many things. I've been hurt with all this and I've been hurt more than you will ever imagine that you could possibly be hurt."

Supported by her LeTourneau classmates, Charlot turns to the only thing she knows to do.

"All I can do right now is pray and pray and pray," she said.

Charlot is more determined than ever now, to finish her education and become a doctor so she can go home to help people in the future.

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